first of all, let me explain the title

My time starts now: 2.05pm

Explanation 1

I have always been a chronic overthinker. Give me a task to do, and I’ll do it, re-do it, edit, edit again, then scrap the whole thing and start again. Rinse. Repeat. I think as a child, I had ‘it has to be perfect’ burned indelibly on the  communication bits of my brain.

As you may already know, this is not often helpful. Maybe if you are preparing the constitution for a nation, or you’re a supreme court judge this may be a desirable skill. Neither of these apply to me.

So I routinely take much longer to write anything than is reasonable, and put off writing anything until I absolutely have to. Not helpful a) in blogging b) writing anything longer than a birthday card c) getting a website together (current project) d) contributing to interwebs conversations / other blogs.

This, then, is my strategy – replace over-thinking with under-thinking. (Hence, under thought). Just get something out – as long as it has useful content – punctuation, sentences ending in prepositions, split infinitives, using the word ‘great’ three times in one paragraph (I don’t know why I do this, but I do, often), typos, all to be dealt with or not within a 45 minute timeframe. (That’s why there’s a starting time at the top.) Definitely under-thought rather than over-thought. I work with people on productivity, time and purpose related issues (basically,these are people who do too much), so I intend to cover those types of things here.

Explanation 2

There’s a saying often used by NLPers (and lots of others, too) – the map is not the territory, people are not their behaviours. I’m interested in where thoughts fit in. Thoughts aren’t facts, yet we often treat them as though they are, and act on them accordingly……what lies behind, under and around our thoughts? Where do thoughts fit in to our perception of ourselves and others? How do they form? How do we change them? 

Perceptions; beliefs; excellent, life changing thoughts; ineffective, limiting thoughts. These too, I will post about.  (Hmmm, sounding a bit Yoda-like, crying out to be edited,but I’m running out of time)

It is 2.40pm, I have been editing for 7 minutes (changing words, deleting sentences, wondering if I have time to start again…) 

My time ends now: 2.49pm not bad!


2 Responses to “first of all, let me explain the title”

  1. magneto bold too Says:

    I have great difficulty writing birthday cards. I buy them and then get stage fright and they end up sitting there, unopened, unsent.

    The longest time I take in blogging is uploading the photos. The actual post takes a few minutes. I open my brain and it pours onto the screen. I hit publish and walk away.

    Apparently that is obvious 🙂

    Your first post is fantastic! I look back at mine and cringe.

  2. belinda merry Says:

    Congratulations Kim – your first post and you did it in 44 minutes!

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